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Cole Bros. Circus Elephants


An American Circus Tradition
Presented by The Frisco Family


Captive breeding programs offer hope for preservation of these magnificent creatures. Elephants that appear at Cole Bros. Circus come from The Endangered Ark Foundation, home of the 2nd largest herd of elephants in the U.S. and one of the most successful  reeding programs in the world. To learn more about elephants and how to assist in elephant conservation, visit   www.elephantconservation.org

Asian Elephants once ranged from Iran to China. They exist no longer in Western Asia or in most of China. Their prospect of survival in the wild continues to decline due to loss of habitat from agriculture and deforestation. Domestic crops, including sugarcane and cereal grasses, attract starving elephants, putting them in conflict with farmers who view elephants as vermin. Poaching for ivory further reduces elephant populations.


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