The Thunderdrome

The ThunderDrome

Eric, Windy and Anthony - Circus Daredevils

Circumnavigating ThunderDrome requires skill and courage.  Doing so, minus mishap, demands discipline.

Ramping up the peril of its risky course, ThunderDrome splits in two, trapping riders in its upper hemisphere. Until it reunites, the fate of the dauntless drivers remains literally up in the air.

Eric And Wendy

Eric, Wendy and Anthony enter the chamber of danger with confidence that what they do does not tempt fate; it relies on the principle of inertia and the value of teamwork. They have calculated the precise speed and number of revolutions for each of their multiple sequences of spins around the Globe. Through consistent practice, they have perfected every maneuver. They will succeed.

The ThunderDrome Splits In Two